Hinch-Crowley Realty Associates is a full service Property Management and Asset Management firm located in Southern, NH. We provide Asset Management services for all 50 states, and we provide Property Management services for New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Prior to Hinch-Crowley, Rob Crowley spent many years working for large professional management companies, managing all types of housing (please refer to the The Hinch-Crowley Team” section of this website for more details). Rob has taken all of his real world experience managing large multi-million dollar investments and can now offer this professional approach to the smaller investors as well; an area in the real estate industry Rob truly believes is lacking. 

We offer all aspects of property management for residential market rate and affordable housing, commercial, retail, industrial and condominiums. No job is too small or too big! Our experience ranges from small 5-family investment properties to managing large complexes with over 600 units.

Not all management companies are the same. In fact, many of them end up managing properties by default because they were part of a sales transaction and never really received the professional experience the larger companies have. It doesn’t matter how small your portfolio or how big it is, our experience is true property management with years of experience and education just in this one area. In fact, Hinch-Crowley are partners in several multi-family deals and understand what it takes to properly manage and protect your investment. 

Our management plan can be catered to your needs, from full service including accounting, administrative, leasing & marketing, maintenance programs, capital expenditure planning and management, 24-hour emergency coverage, etc., or select just some of our services we can design a plan that fits your needs. 

Utilizing our combined resources we can offer our clients significant buying and contracting power due to the number of properties we manage. Instantly you will receive our benefits, whether it’s buying appliances or kitchen cabinets, replacing a roof or heating system, etc., your job is factored into the amount of business we give our suppliers and contractors. Our bulk purchasing power of large quantities and repetitive business to our contractors allows us to get the best price possible without sacrificing quality and craftsmanship that can be passed on to our clients. 

Below are some of the Property Management services we provide. Please contact us for any other services that may not be listed

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